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Our Mission

In consulting most general histories of the U.S. Civil War and even general histories of Texas, no one would know the dramatic story of the many Civil War events that took place along the lower Rio Grande or the complex history of ethnic tension, international intrigue, and the clash of colorful characters that mark the Civil War era in this region.

Drawing upon a broad coalition of interested parties, this community-based project has designed a virtual “tour” in the form of a map/guide/brochure and associated web page and pod casts that provide a conceptual “walk” through the history of the Civil War in South Texas.

Project participants have identified key locations in the Rio Grande Valley that played significant roles in the Civil War history of the region and placed these on a physical map/brochure. Each of these locations is associated with an audio podcast that explains the site’s significance and shares interesting details about the action that took place there. These podcasts are accessible by cell phone: after calling a dedicated access number, virtual tourists can dial in a four-digit number associated with each location on the map to hear the associated podcast.

In addition to the four-digit number, each location also has an associated QR (Quick Response) Code that takes visitors to a linked website where further information, images, and other richer material can be consulted. In addition to enriching local residents’ knowledge about the rich historical heritage of this region, this project is also designed to appeal to the many visitors who come to this region annually to enjoy its mild climate, exotic culture, and unique natural resources, adding heritage tourism to the region’s already rich attractions.