Michael Vazquez

Michael Vazquez

Name: Michael Vazquez
Age: 20
Major: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
College: College of Sciences
Hometown: Alton, Texas
High School: Mission Collegiate High School 

I decided to attend UTRGV because it is a local university that offered the degree in mathematics that I was seeking and the school that my cousins have attended. During my senior year in high school, the UTeach program, only offered at UTRGV in terms of local colleges, caught my attention as I wanted to become a high school teacher.

What made you decide on your current major?
I always found the profession of a teacher to be very interesting and fun! My decision to pursue mathematics teaching was solidified during my high school years, many of my teachers would teach dual-enrollment classes leading me to find it very interesting and even fun!

What do you hope to achieve beyond completion of your major?
I’d love to be a high school teacher in the Rio Grande Valley and go for my master’s degree while teaching so that I can teach dual-enrollment classes. Either being a teacher in my home district of Mission or a school district I have never stepped foot in anywhere that is the Valley, I would love to teach. I would like to continue my career in education but am unsure what that direction may be; I might continue to teach as a high school teacher, teach introductory math classes in college, or go into administration in the public schools.

What do you like most about UTRGV?
I like the professors the most, many of them are passionate about what they teach and understanding when students are struggling with the material. Most of all they are supportive of their students to continue on!

What does being a Vaquero mean to you?
I take pride in attending UTRGV and being a first-generation student from my household. I want to show the community that UTRGV is an excellent school that offers so many opportunities for their students and prepares them for their professions.

What opportunities has UTRGV helped you find throughout your community?
During my undergraduate classes I had the opportunity to be in the high schools in the Valley, it has been great to get firsthand accounts of what it is like to teach in the local schools. The time I had in the schools helped me reignite my passion for teaching when I began to question what my goals were.

What advice do you have for fellow students pursuing their degrees?
Reach out to your professors and classmates if you find yourself struggling, you will find that they can be very supportive and understanding. Most of all continue pushing forward with your degree and have faith in yourself, overcoming the obstacles of today will bring light to a bright future full of opportunities and prosperity.