Ingridy Nicoleti Foltran

Ingridy Nicoleti Foltran

Name: Ingridy Nicoleti Foltran
Age: 20
Major: Civil Engineering
Class: Sophomore
College: College of Engineering and Computer Science
Hometown:São Paulo, Brazil
High School: Campos Salles, Brazil 

When Head Coach Todd Lowery invited me to join the UTRGV Volleyball team with an academic scholarship and told me that I would be able to study civil engineering, which was a course I had always wanted to take, and with this excellent engineering program, I had no doubts that UTRGV would be the college I would choose to attend. I felt connected to UTRGV as an international student because of the strong multicultural climate; I knew being away from family and friends would be challenging, but it would all be worth it. I selected UTRGV because I desired a higher education and a brighter future. UTRGV provided me with the opportunity to strengthen my abilities as a foreign student, take advantage of my opportunities and discover a whole new world.

What made you decide on your current major?
I've been interested in math since I was a small child, which is what led me to engineering. I've always enjoyed a challenge and knowing that studying civil engineering would be a significant one stoked my interest even further. I chose civil engineering with a focus on sustainability because I want to leave the next generation with a better world while also taking care of the one we currently have. I want to work with sustainable energy and projects that are economical for consumers while also being beneficial to the environment. I know that if I do things this way, I can make a positive impact on engineering and the world.

What do you hope to achieve beyond the completion of your major?
I have a lot of goals both personally and professionally in life. I want to provide an example for other people as a woman who is honest, strong, and works hard toward her goals. My career aspiration is to become a professional engineer, and after earning my bachelor's degree, I intend to pursue a master's degree in engineering with environmental emphasis. To be able to develop houses, roads, and other structures, I want to work as a director and project manager for an important civil engineering company.

I also would like to keep playing volleyball because I have a strong desire to travel and see other cultures. I hope that when I graduate, I will be able to play volleyball all over the world. I want to be remembered as someone who never gave up and always gave it her all. I really believe that God is in control and will direct me so that I may serve others in the greatest manner possible. I want to bring my mother to the U.S. and start a lovely family so that my kids will be proud of their mother.

What do you like most about UTRGV?
I love the environment and opportunities for involvement that UTRGV offers to its students. I constantly strive to take full advantage of opportunities, and all I have learned over the last two years of college has transformed me from a girl into a woman. Here, I feel that my hard work is appreciated. Being a member of the UTRGV family makes me extremely happy.

I enjoy taking classes with people who share the same goals and philosophy as mine, which is to become a civil engineer. The professors that I had over my two years at UTRGV had a significant influence on my education. UTRGV encourages students to communicate and build connections with their instructors in order to succeed in the classroom and prepare for the next step in their careers.

The athletic program at UTRGV is also my favorite aspect of the university. I love having contact with a variety of sports with individuals from other nations, and the resources at the gym and all facilities are excellent for us athletes. I'd also like to add something about the employment opportunities that UTRGV provides for its students. I work for the Sustainability Office, where I enjoy my job because I get to do something I love—producing videos—while also learning about sustainability. My coworkers and superiors are also extremely kind and treat me well.

What does being a Vaquero mean to you?
Being a Vaquero is an honor that means more than words can express. Being a Vaquero is an emotion; it is a state of being. It represents family, belonging, love, vitality, strength, and hope. Being a Vaquero entails displaying school spirit and Valley pride both inside and outside of the classroom. It requires you to be a dedicated and resilient individual who will not give up until you achieve your goals while also representing the university.

What opportunities has UTRGV helped you find throughout your community?
UTRGV provided opportunities that changed my life because, for a girl from a small town in Brazil, to be here in the U.S. and studying civil engineering in an excellent engineering program is a huge accomplishment, not only for me, but for my family, friends, and future generations of my family. UTRGV has developed me into a better, stronger woman, and I am very proud of what I am accomplishing here at the university; I would not be who I am today if UTRGV had not been in my life.

What advice do you have for fellow students pursuing their degrees?
My piece of advice to everyone is to utilize of all of the resources and opportunities that UTRGV provides, both academically and athletically. I believe that UTRGV is always providing me opportunities to be and strive for the greatest version of myself. Network and discuss your interests and career objectives with students, educators, and professionals. Ask your teacher for advice, your coworkers for assistance, your employer for criticism; asking creates chances. I don't think that anything comes for free; you must work hard every day to create the life you desire. Do your best every day to achieve your goals, trust in your abilities, and stay focused, and everything will work out.