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Dear Friends,

My family often tells me I’m just like grandmother. She was one of the first female doctors in South Korea and practiced medicine well past the age of 70. She is also my inspiration to become a physician. I am currently an undergraduate biology major enrolled in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Honors College. My grandmother is proud that I am following in her path, and my family is grateful to the donors who are transforming my ambitions into a reality.

The Honors College provides support and motivation on my educational journey and gives me the edge I will need when I apply for medical school. With generous gifts from donors, our college offers scholarships, leadership trainings, research opportunities, study abroad trips and other programs. Our leadership envisions intellectually talented students who will make the Rio Grande Valley their home. Every gift makes that goal more achievable.

One day, I hope to be a missionary doctor, bringing quality health care to underserved communities. To hone my skills, I volunteer here at home. Community service is a cornerstone of the Honors College and I appreciate the opportunity to practice values that transform communities and change lives. 

You can be an important partner in UTRGV’s efforts to attract intellectually gifted students to our university. Your gift to the Honors College will create an environment that pushes students like me to excel in academics, service and student leadership.

I am on a journey, destined to carry my grandmother’s legacy of excellence in medicine forward.  UTRGV and the Honors College are striving to create a similar legacy of excellence for students.  Donor support is a continuous reminder that people share my goal to transform our communities. UTRGV and our donors are transforming education together.  Will you help us to realize our goal?

You can visit us at give.utrgv.edu/donatenow to make a gift that will have an immediate impact.

Please make your gift today.

Thank you,

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Ji Won Kang
UTRGV Class of 2017