Lawrence Pabalinas- College of Health Affairs

Dear Friends,

As a child, I was separated from my parents for three years. My mother moved to the United States to become a teacher while my father worked on a ship and spent months abroad. I stayed in the Philippines with my aunt. The experience of being separated from them changed my life and motivated me to help other families. We eventually reunited in the Rio Grande Valley.  I’m thankful this is where we settled because I found my way to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

UTRGV has provided me with valuable opportunities that will help me launch a career as a physical therapist. Many of the programs I participate in are funded by generous donors. As an undergraduate in the College of Health Affairs, I have conducted diabetes research and shared my work with others who are hoping to make breakthroughs in diabetes treatments. Donors who fund research, scholarships and student-faculty collaborations are not just investing in students- they are partners in our efforts to transform the Rio Grande Valley.

Donor generosity touches students’ lives in so many ways. When I think about my friendships with my Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity brothers, my membership in the Filipino Students’ Association and the program that allows me to mentor incoming freshmen, the impact of this generosity stands out. I will soon be applying for physical therapy programs and I know I will return to the Rio Grande Valley to serve the community I call home. 

UTRGV donors have been an important part of my journey. Will you join UTRGV’s mission to enhance student success? Please visit to make a gift that will have a transformative impact on UTRGV’s future.

Together, we will transform the Rio Grande Valley.  

Thank you,

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Lawrence Pabalinas
UTRGV Class of 2017