Felicia Rodriguez- College of Education and P-16 Integration

Dear Friends,

Education is the foundation to solving community and global challenges.  As a student in the College of Education and P-16 Integration UTEACH Program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, I am inspired to teach high school students. I believe they can challenge stereotypes, pursue their dreams and transform the future.

I grew up in a migrant family. While other students enjoyed their summers, I worked in the fields.  My grandparents often pulled me out of school to help with the harvest.  That was my way of life through elementary and middle school.  If I had believed in the stereotypes surrounding migrant families, I would still be doing that today. Instead, I am surrounded by opportunities to play a transformative part in education.

Gifts to UTRGV funded my research collaboration with UTRGV graduate students and a faculty mentor. We examined school-age children’s perceptions of men and women in STEM fields to learn what factors affected students’ awareness of their own career possibilities. As a result of the opportunities I had in the classroom, I was able to join my colleagues and faculty mentor at a national conference in Baltimore.  Our research team’s presentation at the conference was just the beginning for us. Now we hope to develop a plan to eliminate stereotypes in classrooms across the United States.

Donors are funding research, scholarships and classroom experiences that will change lives–starting with my own.  Donors who support us are UTRGV’s partners, helping to open minds throughout the College of Education and P-16 Integration.

Contribute today to the UTRGV College of Education, and you will provide vital opportunities for students like me.  You can put your gift to work immediately with a donation made through give.utrgv.edu/donatenowEvery gift plays an important role in UTRGV’s efforts.

Will you join our mission to help students succeed?   You can help to transform lives. 

Thank you,

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Felicia Rodriguez
UTRGV Class of 2017