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Dear Friends,

As a child, my drawings won art contests, and now my creativity is opening doors for my future career. As a graphic design major in the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, my lifelong passion and love for art is giving me new opportunities in a thriving field, and I am excited to use art as a way to transform the world we live in.  

Art is all around us. From your daily television viewing to advertisement, from hospice care to the clothes you wear, Art is the foundation of beauty.

The arts encompass a wide range of interests and professions, and I am inspired by the dedicated students I meet every day pursuing degrees in music, dance, theatre and writing. Our College provides a platform for us to develop new forms of expression and generous donors provide the support and resources we need to become tomorrow’s leaders in a dynamic industry.

Donors who support the College of Fine Arts are inspiring students like me every day.  Thanks to private donations, I have access to the latest design programs and technology, including a 3D printer. 

Students in the College of Fine Arts rely on your gifts to create, inspire and integrate the arts into daily life. The contribution you make today might inspire a future Georgia O’Keefe, Leonard Bernstein or William Shakespeare. When donors invest in students, the impact is powerful enough to transform the concepts into big, bold ideas.

As a student at UTRGV, I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy, the dream of a lifetime for an art enthusiast. I had an up close view of historic, world-changing art, including Michelangelo’s David. My study abroad was an experience that changed my life.

Will you join UTRGV’s mission to enhance student success? You can also visit to make a gift that will have an immediate impact on the lives of students.

With your generosity, the College of Fine Arts is changing lives and giving students like me the opportunity to turn our talents into careers. Together, we can transform the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.

Thank you,

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Melissa Alatorre
UTRGV Class of 2017