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Dear Friends,

When I was 8 years old, my aunt suffered an aneurysm. The surgeons who saved her life became my heroes and inspired me to want to become a doctor. Today, as a member of the first class of medical students at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, I am gaining the hands-on experience and knowledge I need to become a hero to families and my community. Partnering with me on my journey are the many donors who are helping to transform lives through their philanthropy.

Imagine…the power to change lives with a gift.

By funding scholarships, innovative programs, research and faculty recruitment, people like you are positioning UTRGV to focus on student success and exceptional educational opportunities.  UTRGV is expanding access to health care and our researchers are making breakthroughs on important issues affecting our region.  Because of the generosity of donors, our work here has a far-reaching impact.  When you invest in UTRGV, you are contributing to the advancement and progress of South Texas and beyond. 

We value your support and invite you to join UTRGV’S mission of providing a world-class education in the Rio Grande Valley. Gifts made through give.utrgv.edu/donatenow will also have an immediate and lasting impact on our students and programs.

UTRGV is shaping tomorrow’s leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and doctors. With the knowledge I gain here, I will fulfill the dreams of that 8-year-old boy who saw his aunt get a second chance at life. I will become a champion for health care and serve my community with compassion.  Your contributions empower students like me to reach our goals.

UTRGV and our donors are transforming education and transforming lives throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Will you help us build the future? 

Thank you,

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Ramiro Tovar
UTRGV Class of 2020