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Dear Friends,

As a student in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley College of Liberal Arts, I am encouraged to engage in critical thinking, use my imagination and dream big. As a Mexican American Studies major, I have immersed myself in research about life on the border, allowing me to grasp the complexities and challenges that humans face in this region. My professors stimulate me and my classmates to look beyond the surface. 

After one of the most trying experiences of my life, I don’t take any opportunity for granted. Last year, I was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder. My treatment forced me to take the fall semester off to recover. At the height of my illness, thoughts of finishing school motivated me. I was strong enough to return to classes in the spring, and while my recovery is ongoing, I value my education and the doors that have been opened for me thanks to the generosity of others. UTRGV gave me a reason to renew my commitment to my studies and I am forever grateful to the donors who give students like me a chance to excel in spite of adversity.

I am now on track to graduate this fall, and then pursue a career teaching in higher education. 

In the College of Liberal Arts, we are aspiring authors, psychologists, civic leaders, educators, attorneys, journalists and so much more. Our college supports a wide range of students with diverse interests and career goals. Generous donors fund scholarships and many important programs that open minds. Together, we are transforming perspectives and changing worldviews.

Liberal arts students are transforming the world by asking important questions, researching social issues and applying what we learn in our communities. Will you make a gift that supports the dreams of students like me? You can also visit to make a gift that will have an immediate impact on the lives of students.  

Thank you,

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Alejandro Sánchez
UTRGV Class of 2017