Core Values

The core values of the Center are a dedication to community engagement, excellence in scholarship, art production, and performance, and a focus on student success by providing our students with unique learning opportunities on and off campus.


The Arts are a uniquely tangible source of entertainment, learning, and beauty that provides essential vocabularies for communication in our daily work and sources of pleasure during leisure time. The Arts also provide insights into our cultural and personal identity, fostering understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for the cultures and people around us and throughout the world.

Situated in a border region next to Latin America, UTRGV seeks to become a global leader in the study of U.S., Latin American, Iberian, and Latinx arts. The Center for Latin American arts brings together a diverse group of faculty that includes scholars from all over the continent who actively study, perform, and exhibit their work. The Center also provides a place where faculty and students gather to produce, share, and disseminate their work more broadly and promote interdisciplinary collaborations.