Pedazos de Ayer


"Pedazos de Ayer, is inspired by the landscapes of the Rio Grande Valley. In south Texas, it is not uncommon to find large abandoned and forgotten properties in our immediate vicinity, these spaces randomly appear or are part of a temporal past that linger like ghost towns. Pedazos de Ayer is a series of wooden collages that represent a condensed summary of my vision of the Rio Grande Valley. They are pieces of physical places, mixed with memories and unknown stories. I believe that my work somehow challenges oblivion by making these objects that seem to be forgotten and dying out important for our visual memory. These works bring us face to face with the unique beauty of aged matter, worn objects, and colors altered by the vagaries of the weather. They challenge us to contemplate the state of forgetting by elevating found objects as works of art to preserve ideas that might have otherwise passed into oblivion."


Angela V. Scardigno graduated as a Graphic Designer from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2006. While she attended the University, she took classes in several art workshops taught by masters such as Lautaro Fiszman, Aníbal Cedrón, and Carlos Terribili. Later she moved to the United States, where she completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2019.
Scardigno has exhibited throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Argentina, and México, and her work was published in Studio Visit Magazine in 2018. She currently works at the UTRGV Center for Latin American Arts as Coordinator of Media Design and Communications. Scardigno lives and works in McAllen, Texas.