UTRGV is your affordable choice!

The cost of tuition and fees is one of the biggest barriers for many students planning to go to college. At UTRGV we want to ensure those barriers are eliminated and the possibility of attending college is a reality. Below are some of the many reasons why UTRGV is amongst the most affordable Texas Public Universities.

Click here to view UTRGV tuitions and fees page - UTRGV Tuition and fees rank as the 3rd lowest of Texas Public Universities for resident undergraduate students
Click here to learn more on why to enroll 15 hours. The Extra class is free! Additional courses beyond 12 hours are free (excluding books and special course fees). Click here to view the Guarenteed Tuition and Fees page. Guaranteed Tuition Plans Your tuition will not increase for 4 years.
Click here to view the UTRGV Financial Aid office page - UTRGV awards Two hundred and twenty million dollars of financial aid yearly! Why are we the most affordable University in Texas? Click here to view the UTRGV grants page. UTRGV achieve grant covers tuition, fees, and books. Students with a family income of fifty thousand dollars or less may be eligible.
Click here to view UTRGV grants page - Largest Texas Grant allocation! Thirty seven point eight million dollars Click here to view the UTRGV Student oans page - Minimal student loan debt! UTRGV undergraduate student debt is approximately 50% below the national average. Click here to view the UTRGV Cost of attendance page - Local students save even more!


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