Office of the University Registrar


Welcome to The Office of the University Registrar! Our office is proud to be the official source of UTRGV students’ academic records. We provide enrollment services to students and faculty related to registration, transcripts, grades, degree plans, class and final exam schedules, athletics certification, and graduation. Many of our services and resources are available online, and you can always contact us for additional information.


Sofia Montes
University Registrar
SSBL 1.148

Online Registration through ASSIST

Registration is available online through ASSIST (Advanced Services for Student Information Supported by Technology). You can login to myUTRGV with your UTRGV username and password and click on the ASSIST icon under the Applications area.


ASSIST provides a variety of online services to UTRGV students regarding registration, financial aid, payment, and grades. For your security, ASSIST requires that you enter your username and password to access your financial aid, payment and transcript records. Registration is available to currently enrolled students and applicants who have been accepted for admission to UTRGV.

Clear All Holds

Students with disciplinary, financial or TSI holds will not be permitted to register until the hold has been cleared.  Students can access a list of holds and next steps within ASSIST and by visiting U Central.

Late Registration Fee

Registration payment is due before the first day of class each semester.  Students who register during the designated late registration period will be assessed additional late fees. 

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