Online Registration through ASSIST

Registration is available online through ASSIST (Advanced Services for Student Information Supported by Technology). You can login to myUTRGV with your UTRGV username and password and click on the ASSIST icon under the Applications area.

Students must officially register in ASSIST, by the close of registration to be eligible to receive credit for a course. Students will not be added to the official class rolls or grade sheets after the registration periods have ended. Per The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations, students may not enroll in a course after the official census date (Ch. 9, Subchapter B, Sec. 9.31a).

Students can begin registering for Spring 2020 classes based on their classification.
(currently enrolled hours are included in determining classification for registration purposes only)



Graduate Students

 Fri, Oct 25

Early Undergraduate Registration* 

 Fri, Oct 25

 Seniors; Post Bac

Mon, Oct 28


 Tue, Oct 29


 Wed, Oct 30


 Thu, Oct 31

 *Students who qualify for early registration will be contacted via their UTRGV email addresses with a reminder of the registration date.


Undergraduate students are classified according to the number of hours of college credit they have
  • Freshmen 0-29

  • Sophomores 30-59

  • Juniors 60-89

  • Seniors 90 or more

Post-baccalaureate students are those who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited

Instructions to Access Your Number of Credit Hours

  1. Log in to ASSIST via with your username and password
  2. Under Student Services tab, select Student Records
  3. Select Academic Record, choose from the drop down box and click Submit
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, sum overall Earned Hours with currently enrolled hours


ASSIST provides a variety of online services to UTRGV students regarding registration, financial aid, payment, and grades. For your security, ASSIST requires that you enter your username and password to access your financial aid, payment and transcript records. Registration is available to currently enrolled students and applicants who have been accepted for admission to UTRGV.

Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to ASSIST via with your username and password
  2. Locate section MY APPLICATIONS
  3. Click on ASSIST and then click on the Student Services tab
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Add or Drop Classes
  6. Select on Class Search that is located at the bottom
  7. Choose the class you are interested in and then click class search. This will give you different options regarding Time, Days, location, and Professor. After you have chosen the class you would like to attend, check off the box to the left of the class.
  8. Scroll down and click Register

Scheduler Planner

Why Scheduler Planner?

Watch this video about Scheduler Planner or click the image below to watch a short video about Scheduler Planner features.

my scheduler video


Scheduler Planner is a schedule planning tool which allows you to create and compare multiple class schedules for a given semester based on your course preferences as well as other commitments such as your work, sport and/or family schedules.
Schedule Planner will generate every possible schedule for you so you can maximize your course sections and remain on track for a timely graduation. You can view up to four schedules side-by-side and compare options. After selecting your preferred schedule, you can import your schedule into your shopping cart. You can hold your class schedule in your shopping cart and add your classes when your enrollment appointment begins.
When can I use Schedule Planner?

Schedule Planner is available now! Log into ASSIST under and go to the Student Services tab and select Registration.  You will see a link to Schedule Planner!

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