Transcript Request

Current and former UTRGV students and former UTPA or UTB/TSC students requiring their official academic record may request a transcript using our online ordering service. Students must be free of financial debt with the institution in order to have an official transcript released.

Requests for paper copy transcripts to be mailed out are currently subject to delays of three to five days. Delays are a result of efforts to minimize staff time in the office as efforts are made to protect staff and the health of their communities. 

Remember you can always order an official electronic copy of your transcript and request that it be emailed to a designated recipient or yourself.  We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to continue guarding your health.

Requests are only accepted using our online ordering option. 

Transcript request

Frequently Asked Questions

How are official transcripts made available?

Official transcripts are available electronically, and can be sent to any designated email address including your own by PDF, which can be downloaded and saved.  These are considered official for any purpose including employment and applications to other institutions. Transcripts are also available in paper form for mail delivery only. Requestor have the option to select electronic or mail delivery.

Can I have a friend or family member pick up the transcript?

Transcripts are available electronically and can be sent to any designated email recipient. Therefore there is no need to have a designated alternate pick up your official transcript in person.

Is there a cost for transcripts?

Yes; there is a $5.00 fee for each official transcript requested payable online by debit card or credit card.

When will my debit/credit card be charged when requesting a transcript?

Charge will not be processed until request has been worked on and finalized. If request is not processed due to institutional hold, no charge will be applied.

Are there shipping and handling fees to mail a transcript?

The $5.00 fee for official transcripts includes standard mailing costs. Any requests for expedited delivery are the financial responsibility of the student or alumnus at the time of online ordering, and are assessed in addition to the $5.00 fee.

I have a hold on my student account. Can I request an official transcript?

Transcript requests will not be processed if you have an outstanding balance or obligation to the university. 

My name has changed. How do I change it on my transcript?

If your name changed, you must submit a Change of Information Form to U Central in addition to supporting documentation that proves the name change. 

How long will it take to get my transcript?

Transcripts requested to be mailed out are typically processed within two business days. Delivery times vary based on US Postal Service and the destination address.

Will the GPA and classes taken at prior institutions show on the transcript?

UTRGV’s transcripts only display courses taken at UTRGV and UTPA. No transfer work detail will appear on the transcript other than coursework transferred from the University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College for students enrolled at UTRGV prior to the Fall 2017 semester.

Are PDF or electronic transcripts available?

Official transcripts are available electronically and may be sent by email to any designated recipient. Official transcripts may also be mailed via the United States Portal Service.

My transcript hasn’t been received by the employer or other institution. What do I do?

  • An incorrect or incomplete mailing address. Refer back to the confirmation email to ensure that the mailing information was correct. Send an email to with the correct information. Don’t forget to include your confirmation number.
  • Not enough time has passed since transcript was mailed out. Once the transcript is placed in outgoing mail, the time it takes to reach its destination depends on the U.S. Postal Service’s delivery times.
  • The transcript was not mailed out by hard copy or electronically due to outstanding institutional obligations. Check the status of your request through the link provided in the confirmation email. Your request might have been cancelled.
  • Transcript request has not been processed yet. Check the status of your request through the link provided in the confirmation email. 

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