Student Mistreatment & Learning Environment

SOPM Student

Zero Tolerance 

UTRGV School of Medicine has a zero-tolerance for student mistreatment. It is committed to maintaining an environment where there is mutual respect between students, teachers, peers, patients, and all members of the education and health care teams. See Teacher Learner Compact and the complete Mistreatment Policy.  

To maintain an optimal learning environment, instances of alleged mistreatment will be investigated, and appropriate measures will be taken to stop the mistreatment. Retaliation against reports of mistreatment is not tolerated.

Know Your Role 

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Residents all have a role in maintaining a positive learning environment. All parties should know the policies as they relate to them. Anyone who is a victim of mistreatment, a witness to another's mistreatment, or the recipient of a report or outcry about mistreatment, should report the concern.

Know How to Define Mistreatment 

The Association of American Medical Colleges defines mistreatment as behavior that shows disrespect for the dignity of others and unreasonably interferes with the learning process. It can take many forms and includes any behavior that humiliates, degrades, demeans, intimidates, or threatens an individual or a group.  

Know Your Options for Reporting and Resolution 

To be dealt with judiciously and equitably, mistreatment must be reported in a timely and respectful manner. Anonymous reports are permitted. However, your decision to remain anonymous may greatly limit UTRGV's ability to act against parties accused of violating the policy.  

You may make reports of suspected mistreatment in any of the following ways:  

  1. If there is an immediate risk to life or property, call UT Police: (956) 882-4911 or 911  
  2. To report mistreatment or unprofessional behavior as outlined in our UTRGV SOPM policy (in an academic or clinical setting) submit a report via SOM Student Mistreatment Form and select School of Podiatric Medicine under location of incident   
  3. To report mistreatment by staff personnel , contact the direct supervisor or the  Office of Human Resources  
  4. To report sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual violence, or discrimination , report to the  Office of Title IX & Equal Opportunity (Title IX/AA/EO Coordinator)  
  5. To report student violations of UTRGV Student Code of Conduct submit a report via Vaqueros Report It