CPME Required Outcomes

CPME Accreditation Performance Metrics 2024-2029


Number of students passing exam/Total number taking exam


3-year APMLE 1: 2024-2026

Outcomes will be reported when available.


3-year APMLE 2: 2026-2028

Outcomes will be reported when available.



Number of students graduating/number who entered the program


4-year Graduation Rate: 2026-2029

Outcomes will be reported when available.



Number of students entering residency/total number of graduates


3-year Residency Rates: 2026-2028

Outcomes will be reported when available


Graduation Rate: The total number of students who graduated from a school or college of podiatric medicine within 4 years, divided by the number of new (not repeat) students attending at the 2 week point at the beginning of the first year/first semester.

Residency Placement Rate: SOPM is currently in its second year of development, CPME Accreditation Performance Metrics data will be collected starting in 2024 when the first cohort takes APMLE 1.

Distance Learning for 23-24 Academic Year

UTRGV SOPM does not Deliver any one course 100% via distance learning. Overall, 1.45% of our curriculum is delivered via Zoom. The numbers below represent course which an expert in various topics have been asked to deliver content via ZOOM. For these lectures the faculty of record is in the classroom with the students during the Zoom lecture. No examinations are done off campus. All courses with zoom lectures are highlighted in yellow.

First Year Courses: 62 Credits, 930 Total Hours

0% Delivered via Zoom  

PMMD – 8000

Introduction to Medicine

PMMD – 8117

Medical Biochemistry

PMMD – 8119

Advanced Immunology and Microbiology

PMMD – 8121

Cardiovascular & Respiratory

PMMD – 8125


PMMD – 8129

Health Systems Science I

PMMD – 8113

Language of Medicine I

PMMD -8115

Clinical Skills I

PMMD - 8111

Lower Extremity Anatomy

PMSB – 8301


PMSB – 8303

Foot Pathology and Surgery

Second Year Total Credits 47 Credits 705 Total Hours

*6% Delivered via Zoom

*PMSB – 8501

Podiatric Medicine

*PMSB – 8503

Rearfoot and Ankle Pathology and Surgery 

PMMD – 8511


PMMD – 8513

Endocrine & Male and Female Reproduction

PMMD – 8515

Digestive Health & Nutrition

*PMMD – 8517

Musculoskeletal Dermatology & Radiology

PMMD – 8521

Health Systems Science II

PMMD – 8519

Language of Medicine II

PMMD – 8523

Clinical Skills II

PMMD – 8600

Prep Course for APMLE STEP 1

Third Year Total Credits 51 Credits 765 Total Hours

0% Delivered via Zoom

Fourth Year Total Credits 38 Credits 570 Total Hours    

0% Delivered via Zoom