Student Government Association

SOPM Students

UTRGV School of Podiatric Medicine Student Government Association (SOPM SGA) serves as the official representation of the SOPM student body. 

Our purpose is to address student concerns and petitions and participate in the university community's overall policy and decision-making processes. 

Our mission is proactively representing and serving the collective means to address SOPM student concerns. In addition, we create supportive environments that enhance the quality of the SOPM student experience at UTRGV School of Podiatric Medicine while preserving and making new traditions and increasing spirit. SOPM SGA facilitates student success in their academic and community endeavors by promoting honesty, integrity, and respect. 


2023-2024 Officers

SGA President - 2023-2024

Madeleine Mehaffey |

SGA Vice-President - 2023-2024

Sean Smith |

SGA Treasurer - 2023-2024

Nathaniel Primous |

SGA Communications Chair - 2023-2024

Victoria Bender |

SGA Events Chair - 2023-2024

Katherine Castillo |

SGA President-Elect - 2023-2024

Alfonso Reyes |

SGA Class of 2026 Volunteer Officer - 2023-2024

James Hughes |

SGA Class of 2027 Volunteer Officer - 2023-2024

Brandyce Roberts |

Class of 2027 Representative - 2023-2024

Yasim Zafar |