Tuition Refund


The SOPM policy for tuition and fee refund payments to podiatric medical students is governed by Texas Education Code Title 3, Chapter 54, Subchapter A, Section 54.0056, and is described below: 

Podiatric medical students who withdraw in the fall of the academic year will receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees for the second half of the year (spring) and a refund for the first half of the year (fall) based upon the schedule below:

  • 100 percent prior to the first day of classes  
  • 80 percent during the first five class days  
  • 70 percent during the second five class days  
  • 50 percent during the third five class days  
  • 25 percent during the fourth five class days  


  1. No refunds will be made in the case of withdrawal after the fourth five-day period.  
  2. Students who withdraw during a summer term may receive a refund of tuition and applicable fees based on the following schedule:  
    1. 100 percent prior to the first-class day  
    2. 80 percent during the first, second, or third class day  
    3. 50 percent during the fourth, fifth, or sixth class day  
  3. No refunds will be made on the seventh class day or thereafter, or if still enrolled.  
  4. Notice of intention to withdraw must be made in writing to the associate dean for student affairs and copied to SOPM registrar and the associate director of financial aid. The institution will terminate student services and privileges at the time of the student’s withdrawal