SOPM Early Decision Program (EDP)


The UTRGV School of Podiatric Medicine (SOPM) offers an Early Decision Program (EDP) aimed at attracting and enrolling applicants from the Rio Grande Valley. The program's primary goal is to establish an early application process, with a focus on attracting high-achieving students from the region. Here's a summary of the key points:


The EDP provides early admission decisions for students from the Rio Grande Valley, whether they currently reside in the region or study elsewhere.


  • Applications via TMDSAS begin on November 1, 2023, for the Class of 2028, entering in August 2024.
  • Applicants can only apply to UTRGV SOPM through this program, and admissions decisions are binding.
  • Review of credentials begins immediately upon application receipt in November and December.
  • The Admissions Early Decision Sub-committee conducts reviews and interviews in November.
  • Accepted applicants may receive offers with or without contingencies, and these offers are binding.
  • If not accepted, students are released to the general applicant pool by January 1st, allowing them to apply to other medical schools during the admissions cycle.


  • Applicants must either currently reside in or originate from the Rio Grande Valley or have connections to UTRGV.
  • Qualifying metrics include a minimum MCAT score at or above the 23rd
  • GPA overall minimum of 3.0
  • GPA science minimum of 3.20, and a requirement of 3.20 for entering in EY 2025.
  • All grades must be at or above "C."
  • Applicants must have no felony convictions.
    • The application deadline is December 31st to allow the Admissions Committee sufficient time for processing and review.
    • Other requirements are the same as those for regular applicants and will involve a holistic review process.
    • Interviews for EDP applicants occur in November and December, and acceptances are determined by the Admissions sub-committee, with results forwarded to TMDSAS by January 1, 2023.

The UTRGV School of Podiatric Medicine's EDP is designed to facilitate early admission for qualified students from the Rio Grande Valley and offers a binding contract upon acceptance.

Director of Admissions (SOPM)

Gilbert D. Morin

Gilbert D. Morin, MSHS, MBA
Director of Admissions, SOPM