Grievance Procedures/Records

Grievance Procedure

For any complaint related to Student Accessibility Services, students can file an informal grievance through Student Accessibility Services by speaking with the SAS Director and submitting the claim in writing with any and all pertinent information concerning the grievance. The SAS Director will investigate the claim and will attempt to resolve the complaint informally within 10 working days following a student’s initial written report.

Students not satisfied with the resolution may at any time continue with the formal complaint process and may refer to the UTRGV complaint procedure concerning accommodations for individuals with disabilities in the Handbook of Operating Procedures - HOP Policy section ADM 03-200


It is the responsibility of SAS to maintain confidentiality of the evaluation and will not release any part of the documentation without the student’s informed consent or under compulsion of legal process. SAS staff may discuss a student’s accommodations with appropriate University employees, such as faculty members, who have an educational “need to know.”

Student Records

A student’s disability record will remain at SAS for five years after the last semester services were provided by SAS. Records are then transferred to UTRGV Records Information Management to be stored for an additional two years. Upon completion of these seven (in total) years, the student’s record will be shredded according to UTRGV Records Information Management policies and procedures.

Requesting Your Record

To request a copy of a part of your disability record from Student Accessibility Services, please send a written request to SAS at

Include the following information in your written request:

  • Your name, student ID number, date of birth and phone number
  • Specifically state what part of your record you are requesting (i.e. assessments, accommodations letters, etc.)

Student records covered by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) are made available to you within 15 calendar days of receipt of your written request. SAS will contact the student when the requested copy is ready for pick up. If the records are not picked up within 30 days from the date of the request, the copies will be destroyed/shredded. SAS will only provide printed copies of student records directly to the student (i.e. copies will not be sent electronically or via mail).

Students requesting a copy of their entire file are required to put their request in writing (per UTRGV Handbook of Operating Policies) to