Departmental Review Committee (DRC)

The DRC is composed of SAS staff members and, when appropriate, staff and/or faculty from relevant departments may be invited to participate. Standing committee members include the SAS Director, Assistant Director, and Counseling Specialists. During the meeting, the committee reviews documentation (diagnosis, functional limitations, and other relevant information) and accommodations recommended by the Counseling Specialist (or other designated staff member who completed the intake or review with the student). The committee’s role is to become acquainted with each student’s documentation and intake summary in order to determine whether the recommended accommodations are reasonable and appropriate for the student. In addition, committee members may make additional recommendations, such as supplementary accommodations or request additional documentation.

Welcome Meeting

 Newly registered SAS students have the opportunity to participate in a Welcome Meeting after their accommodations have been approved through DRC. Although Welcome Meetings are optional, they are highly recommended. The meeting will be facilitated by an SAS team member, who will provide the student with detailed information about SAS. The Welcome Meeting is designed to familiarize the student with the department and its processes.  The student will be introduced to SAS staff and guided through the SAS website, including departmental procedural guidelines. The meeting will also include the review of any forms related to the student's approved accommodations, which are noted on the student’s accommodation letter. At the end of the meeting, the student should be familiar with procedures related to their individualized accommodations. The student will be encouraged to register with SAS during each semester enrolled.

Accommodation Letters

Once the DRC approves accommodations, these are entered by SAS staff into the student’s profile in mySAS . The student is then notified via email and directed to log in to mySAS to select accommodations appropriate for each of their courses.

If an instructor has not been assigned to the course in ASSIST at the time of accommodation approval, the student should send an email to the assigned instructor which includes the accommodation letter.

School of Medicine (SOM) Students: SAS emails letters to the student and relevant SOM faculty and staff who have an educational need to know. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss his/her accommodations with each instructor and provide a copy of the accommodation letter to each instructor as soon as it is received from SAS.

Important: Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations are valid from the date the accommodation letter is sent by the SAS office.

SAS recommends that students initiate communication with faculty to ensure accommodations are implemented appropriately.