UTRGV medical students with Dean Krouse

Strategic Plan

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To transform the health of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond.


We will transform the health of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond by providing advanced academic medicine through these five pillars:

  • Innovative Education
  • Life-Changing Research and Discoveries
  • High Quality Patient-Centered Care
  • Serving our Community
  • Sustainability and a Culture of Entrepreneurship


In addition to the UTRGV Values of excellence; shared governance; diversity, access and inclusion; leadership; inquiry, discovery and creativity; health and well-being; and engagement and impact; the school of medicine’s core values include:

  • Open Communication & Transparency: Share information openly across all levels (of the school) to engrain a collaborative and trustworthy environment.
  • Community Focus: Commitment to improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities of at-risk populations through community and population-based interventions.
  • Cultural Awareness: Integration of knowledge, awareness, and empathy to successfully work with the diverse and unique needs of any community.
  • Empathy & Compassion: Care for and understand others to provide support and achieve positive outcomes.
  • Good Stewardship: Selfless service (for the common good) to promote accountability and a culture of responsibility.
  • Innovation & Transformation: Embrace change and promote creativity to shape the future of academic medicine.
  • Integrity: Act with honor, honesty, and truthfulness. Know and do the right thing in all undertakings – learning, discovery, patient care, service, and entrepreneurship.
  • Respect, Collegiality & Inclusive Citizenship: Treat people with respect and kindness to create a community of Inclusivity, cooperation, and connectedness.


Innovative Education

  1. Prepare learners for medical practice with a solid foundation in medical science and an orientation toward the social determinants of health.
  2. Cultivate a safe and inclusive teaching, learning, and working environment to ensure learner, faculty, and staff success.
  3. Invest to foster excellence in our educational mission, evaluating and building the infrastructure necessary to deliver innovative medical education.

Life-Changing Research and Discoveries

  1. Increase the impact of Biomedical and Clinical Research to improve health in the Rio Grande Valley and Beyond.
  2. Facilitate synergies in the research enterprise that will further the School of Medicine’s focus on health and disease in the underrepresented populations.
  3. Strengthen and sustain the biomedical research workforce through mentoring, training and education.

High Quality Patient-Centered Care

  1. Continue the growth of the UT Health RGV Clinical Enterprise to provide clinical services to the RGV and beyond.
  2. Improve practice plan productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.
  3. Become a self-sustaining clinical enterprise that supports the school of medicine.
  4. Leverage the use of data-driven decision making through improved utilization of clinical data.

Serving Our Community

  1. Engage with external partners and stakeholders to promote and sustain the mission of the School of Medicine.
  2. Improve the mental and physical health and quality of life for the RGV’s diverse and growing population.
  3. Work with high schools to enhance programs that facilitate students’ entry into health professions education, including medicine for the primary purpose of achieving mission appropriate diversity outcomes among the SOM students.

Sustainability and a Culture of Entrepreneurship

  1. Sustainability in the Clinical Enterprise
    Grow clinical revenues to sustain the School of Medicine, in line with the trend seen across medical schools.
  2. Sustainability in Research
    Increase extramural funding to sustain research in established basic science areas, as well as development of a new clinical research foundation.
  3. Sustainability in Medical Education
    Ensure and grow sufficiency of SOM resources to support and sustain the medical education program.
  4. Sustainability in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, while leveraging best practices across AMCs to shape the way our SOM operates and continues to evolve.

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