Interprofessional Education and Service-Learning Subcommittee

Overview and Charge

The lnterprofessional Education and Service-Learning Subcommittee's charge is to complete the following to address a number of the related LCME accreditation standards:

  • Develop and integrate IPE learning activities through collaborative work with other CCAC subcommittees and health professions to facilitate the inclusion of objectives in pre-clerkship modules and clerkships and clinical courses.
  • Develop and integrate service-learning activities through collaborative work with CCAC subcommittees to encourage and promote service to the Rio Grande Valley community and beyond in pre-clerkship modules and clerkships and clinical courses.
  • Design interprofessional learning activities in accordance with SOM Educational program objectives (EPOs) where by learners evolve as effective members of interprofessional health care teams.
  • Provide rubrics and template guidance for service-learning activities, in accordance with SOM EPOs, where learners can synthesize the role and impact of service activities in the community at-large.
  • Provide leadership in curricular development, monitoring, and evaluation of IPE and service-learning activities for consistency in meeting EPOs.
  • Track IPE and service-learning activities throughout the 4-year curriculum for monitoring and revising of content based on feedback through evaluations

Membership of the IPE and SL Subcommittee

  • Beatriz Bautista
  • Beatriz Tapia
  • Cecilia Salinas Domene, MS4
  • Dawn Jensen
  • Diana Paz
  • John Gaddis, MS2
  • Jose Campo Maldonado
  • Juan Lopez Alvarenga
  • Kristan Diaz-Rios
  • Othman Ghribi
  • Sambandam Elango
  • Samuel Owusu-Mireku
  • Sowmya Duddu, MS1
  • Tamara Al Rawwad
  • Wayne Wilson