Evaluation and Assessment Subcommittee

Overview and Charge

The Evaluation Subcommittee’s charge is to:

  • Review and analyze information regarding the content, methodology, evaluation, direct and related outcome measures, and contribution to educational program objectives.
  • Coordinate a review of evaluation materials from interprofessional education and service-activities, in collaboration with the interprofessional education and service learning subcommittee
  • Review evaluation materials for every required module/course/clerkship annually.
  • Coordinate a formal review of every module/clerkship/course following its completion.
  • Assess appropriate content and planned redundancy in the curriculum, following the plan of the CCAC.
  • Report on student outcomes on NBME shelf examinations and performance on the institutionally developed pre-clerkship module examinations.

The Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee will also evaluate the effectiveness and quality of assessment methods utilized by modules/courses and clerkships.

Membership of Evaluation and Assessment Subcommittee

Membership is made up of floating members of the Faculty Assembly. Membership ensures that:

  • For each Preclerkship module: 2 preclinical and 1 clinical faculty complete formal review of course following completion with module leads and AD pre-clerkship
  • For each clerkship: 1 preclinical and 2 clinical faculty complete formal review of clerkship following completion with course directors and AD clerkships


Monica Jean Alaniz-McGinnis, PhD

Monica Jean Alaniz-McGinnis, PhD
Assistant Dean for Assessment, Evaluation and Quality Improvement
Email: Monica.Alaniz@utrgv.edu