Returning SAS Students

Returning Student Process

Once a student is registered with SAS, he/she must continue, each semester, to complete and submit the Semester Registration Form. This form can be completed in person or online. If the student wishes to keep the same accommodations as the previous semester and all documentation is up to date, letters will be generated at the beginning of the semester and emailed to the student’s university email address as well as the professors listed on the student’s schedule at that time. Students who do not register with SAS for two semesters will need to schedule an appointment to review accommodations or services. Students may schedule an appointment with the counselor to review their accommodations at any time.

Alternative Formats

Qualified students with disabilities may be eligible to receive alternative formats, as stated in the student’s accommodation letters, for their textbook(s) from SAS. Students must have submitted documentation and been approved for services before any alternative formats will be created. If a student is requiring an alternative format other than the stated format in the accommodation letters the student will need to submit a request. Student may be asked to provide documentation supporting the new request. All materials will be processed in the order in which they were received. Students are responsible for being aware of and complying with all alternative format procedures.

Interpreting Services

Students who are Deaf are provided with sign-language interpreters for all academic settings directly related to class (i.e., class time, class assignments, and instructor generated review sessions). Students who are Hard of Hearing may also be eligible for sign-language interpreter services.