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Content Collection Management

What is the Content Collection?
The Content Collection is a file repository that allows faculty to store, manage, and share content. 

How to access your Content Collection

  1. Locate the course you would like to access your Content Collection.
  2. Scroll down to your Control Panel.
  3. Click on Content Collection.
  4. Click the Course ID of the course. Ex. (50710.202220)
    Accessing the Content Collection

How to Delete Files from your Content Collection

  1. When you have accessed your Content Collection you will see a page called Course Content.
  2. You will see all your files included in your course content area.
  3. To delete a file, check the box next to the item you wish to delete.
  4. Click Recycle. You can delete several files at once by check boxing the files you wish to delete.
  5. To permanetly delete the files from your course, click on the Recycle Bin in the Content Collection List.
  6. Click on Empty Bin.
  7. Click Ok to permanently delete all recyble files.

Note: When you delete a link from your course, the item remains in the Content Collection.  Uploading a new file on the Bb course page will add a new file with an extension, such as (1), to your Content Collection. The original unlinked item can safely be deleted from the Content Collection. It is also possible to delete the file from the Content Collection before uploading the replacement file. 

We encourage you to use the 360-degree view to delete unused unlinked files from your Content Collection when you update a file.