Teaching Large Online Courses

About the Workshop

As UTRGV progresses so does the demand of students wanting to enroll in online courses. For the past 2 years, the Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology has offered workshops to assist faculty in the development of pedagogical methods to alleviate the challenge of teaching large online courses and the Provost Office has provided Academic Coaches for eligible courses participating in the pilot.

COLTT will be providing professional development as well as course development support to faculty wanting to participate. In order to be eligible the faculty member will need to:

  1. teach a large online course with the assistance of an Academic Coach during the Spring 2018 semester
  2. complete the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop

Qualifying Criteria

  • Online course section must be capped at no less than 75 seats
  • Minimum enrollment of 60 students per course section
  • Must teach a Large Online Course in Spring 2018 semester
  • Completed the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop

Workshop Breakdown

The workshop will include best practices on activities and communication for large online courses as well as the best use of technology.

  • Module 1: Course Overview and Student Needs Assessment
  • Module 2: Learning Objectives
  • Module 3: Assessments
  • Module 4: Learning Activities
  • Module 5: Accessibility
  • Module 6: Learning Materials and Technology
  • Module 7: Managing Large Online Course Tips and Strategies

Workshop Duration

  • Begins: TBA
  • Ends: TBA

Workshop registration is now available at UTRGV.edu/training.