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ILL ILLiad Status

ILLiad Statuses Explained

Awaiting Copyright Clearance - copyright needs to be cleared before sending the request.

Awaiting Request Processing - your request is in the system but has not yet been sent out.

Request Sent - your request has been sent out.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing - your request was sent to potential libraries but none of them could supply the item. The request will be sent out again until there's a library that is willing to supply or until the request's deadline has passed.

Awaiting Conditional Processing - some requests are conditioned if there's a question with the request or if there's is a charge for the item. ILL staff will e-mail the patron requesting the item if there is any clarification needed.

Awaiting Patron Response - ILL staff has e-mailed you for more information or clarification regarding your request.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing - Your item has arrived at Edinburg Campus, but ILL staff have not yet finished processing your item.

In Transit to Pickup Location - Your item has been processed and is currently en route to your selected pickup location.

Awaiting Customer Contact - your item as arrived and been partially processed by ILL staff. You will be notified via email that the item is available for pick up.

Awaiting Renewal OK Processing - the lending library approved the renewal request and has provided a new due date.