Instructions for Submitting Requests for Course Substitutions & Waivers Online

Course Substitution and Waivers Portal

If you need to initiate a course substitution or waiver, please contact your Advisor. Advisors can submit, view and search requests online. 

Your Advisor will follow these 4 easy steps (taking course substitution for example) to initiate the process:

  • Step 1: Fill the basic information
  • Step 2: Enter course substitution

When the course is being entered, type in the first 2 or more letters of the course, e.g. “ki”, to get all courses starting with “ki". If the course is not available, it can be typed in as it was done with the paper form.

After the courses information is filled, click “Add Substitution” button before you click “Next”

  • Step 3: Upload documents (Optional)
  • Step 4: Verify department chair or designee and submit
After the request is submitted, students will be able to see the request displayed under “My Requests” Tab and all the detailed information, including the full workflow path. Current pending approver can be viewed from the View Detail page.

Waiver requests are similar to that of course substitutions with a little variation, but can easily be completed following the same steps.

Note: If you stopped in the middle of entering the request, you can always come to “My Requests” and find that request to resume the data entry.

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