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Faculty Web Self-Service

Faculty use Faculty Web to create their class schedule, class lists, and enter grades. Advisors review students' course work and degree audit information. Advisors use Faculty Web to review students' course work and degree audit information.

Faculty Services Offered through Faculty Web Self-Service

Faculty Schedule

The faculty schedule is a list of days and times that faculty will be involved in classroom activities, office hours for students to ask questions, and research projects.

Class Lists

Access your latest course rosters which are updated immediately as students register on ASSIST. Links are also provided to email your students individually or as a class.

Enter Grades

Faculty enter final grades online using Faculty Web. A video tutorial and instructions are included on the website.

Other Services

An Academic Calendar and Final Exam Schedule are also included. Accessibility Information and Browser Requirements identify important concepts regarding the web site.

Advisor Services Offered through Faculty Web

Advisors can Review Student Coursework and Degree Audit Information.

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