Pre-Award Guidelines

School of Medicine Grant Proposal Submission Process

Grant Proposal Submission Timeline

All UTRGV grant applications go through internal review before submission. In the School of Medicine, the following timeline is required by the SOM Dean's office for review and approval of all external funding applications.

At least 10 business days before the submission deadline, complete the online notice of Intent to Submit (ITS) form at: Intent to Submit a Proposal page. Submitting the ITS form notifies the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) in the Office of Development (for private funding opportunities) of your upcoming proposal.

At least 5 business days before the submission deadline, submit the completed, mandatory SOM Grant Submission Approval Form (SAF) to the SOM Associate Dean of Research Office by email at: Required with the form are: 1 ) final budget, having passed review by OSP, 2 ) budget justification, and 3) abstract or brief description of the project. The SAF must be signed by the PI and the PI's chair or director. The ADR office will route submission for SOM approval. During the SOM internal review process, the PI may be asked to provide additional information.

Please note that the Office of Sponsored Programs or Corporate and Foundation Relations may require additional time to review and approve prior to submission.

For questions about the SOM process for submitting grant proposals, please contact:

Internal Review at the School of Medicine

The Office of the Associate Dean of Research is responsible for reviewing all SOM proposals submitted for external funding. SOM approvals are requested from: the PI’s Department Chair or Supervisor, SOM Associate Dean of Research or AVP for Clinical and Translational Research, EVD of Finance and Administration, and SOM Dean, if the proposal is over $1 Million. For proposals to non-governmental organizations, the Office of Sponsored Programs will work together with Corporate and Foundation Relations to ensure all information is complete at the time of submission.

Getting Started

Intent to Submit

To begin the process of applying for external funding, SOM faculty need to complete the online notice of Intent to Submit (ITS). This notice alerts the UTRGV Office of Sponsored Programs to assign an OSP Coordinator who will assist with the budget and other grant requirements, including institutional Letters of Support and obtaining signatures from UTRGV’s Authorized Organization Representative (AOR). See Sponsored Programs at UTRGV School of Medicine. Questions can be directed to the Office of Sponsored Programs at, (956) 665-3002, or (956) 882-7676.

Please note that the notice of Intent to Submit is not binding. If the PI/PD decides not to submit the proposal, he/she is entitled to do so without any repercussions.

For questions on non-governmental funding opportunities, please email or contact 956-665-5301 to speak with the Assistant Vice President for Development, Kelli Quin, or Grant Development Manager, Juana "Lilly" Trevino.

Limited Submission Process

Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

When a funder restricts the number of proposals that an institution may submit for a funding opportunity, the University will follow a protocol for selecting and submitting only the allowed number of proposals to the funding agency, a process called limited submission. UTRGV’s Office of the Executive Vice President for Research & New Program Development is responsible for the internal solicitation and screening of limited submission pre-proposals. In order to evaluate which proposal/s will be most competitive, faculty are asked to submit a pre-proposal including a short project summary/abstract, budget, budget justification, list of collaborating institutions, if any, and biographical sketches for all UTRGV key personnel and, if applicable, other institutions. Be sure to carefully read each limited submission opportunity for instructions on merit criteria and other requirements.

Internal Review Process for SOM Limited Submissions

SOM faculty interested in submitting a proposal to a limited submission opportunity must submit the internal pre-proposal to the SOM Associate Dean of Research (ADR) at the following e-mail address SOMSUBMISSIONS@UTRGV.EDU by the deadline specified by the EVP for Research. The SOM ADR  Advisory Committee will review and make recommendations to the SOM ADR, who will select the school’s finalist(s) to be sent to OSP for the university-wide internal competition. The EVP for Research, in consultation with a review committee, will decide which pre-proposal/s will continue to the full proposal stage. For limited submissions to non-governmental funders, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) manages the submission through a similar process.

Faculty are encouraged to complete the online Intent to Submit form, noting if an opportunity is a limited submission so that OSP can ascertain whether a university-wide internal competition is required.

Funding Opportunities Database

The Pivot-RP database provides access to a current listing of global funding opportunities, which can be reached at Pivot (Proquest). Select “Sign Up” to register, using Institutional Login Credentials and UTRGV’s name from the drop-down list.

For a how to on the Pivot features, click on the link below:

Quick Start Guide (Instructions on how to get started) - COS Pivot

For more information and resources on proposal development, compliance and grant contracts, visit the UTRGV Support for Researchers webpage.