Eligibility for Sick Leave

Sick leave is available to UTRGV employees who are scheduled to work a minimum of 20 hours per week for at least 4.5 continuous months in a position that does not require student status as a condition of employment.

Accruing Sick Leave

You receive sick leave accrual on your first day of employment and on the first day of every month after. If you are a full-time employee (40 hours per week), you earn eight hours of sick leave per month. Part-time staff accrues at a rate proportionate to the number of hours they are scheduled to work each week.

Using Sick Leave

You are eligible to use sick leave after your first day of employment. You must seek pre-approval from your manager before taking sick leave for planned absences such as medical and dental appointments.

Sick absences lasting longer than three days or that are expected to happen on an intermittent basis for the same reason over a period may be eligible under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Please see Family and Medical Leave or contact leave@utrgv.edu. Unused sick leave carries forward into the next fiscal year. There is no limit to the number of hours you can carry from year to year.

Return to Work Certification

When you are sick and absent from work for more than three consecutive days, a return-to-work certification is required and should be submitted to your manager before or on your return-to-work date. A Return-to-Work Release form is available to help you meet the certification requirements. The form is designed to protect an employee's privacy and to help document your department's consideration of any relevant work limitations. If an alternate return to work form is used (e.g., a doctor's note), please instruct your doctor not to include a diagnosis or treatment information. Your manager may require a return-to-work certification for absences less than three consecutive days. Instead of a return-to-work certification, your manager may ask you to provide a written or email statement that includes the dates of your incapacity due to illness or injury. You do not need to disclose your diagnosis to your manager.

If you take sick leave to care for a family member as defined in ADM Sick Leave policy, Sec. D(1), a certification from a licensed health care provider should be submitted to your manager. The certification should include the dates you were required to care for your family member but does not need to disclose the diagnosis of your family member’s condition.

When You Leave the UT System

If after leaving UTRGV you become employed by another state agency in a leave-eligible position within 12 months, your available sick leave balance will be transferred.

If you are rehired at UTRGV in a leave-eligible position sometime between 30 calendar days and 12 months after leaving the UT System, your available balance will be reinstated.

If you are not returning to state employment, you may donate your sick leave to the Sick Leave Pool.

Sick leave is paid out only in the event of your death. If you have at least six months of continuous state service, your estate will receive payment for half of your sick leave balance up to 336 hours.

Need help?

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Phone: (E) 956-665-2451

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Email: leave@utrgv.edu