UTRGV Accessibility Services

Please indicate the nature of your accessibility challenge, suggested work accommodations, the specific web address for which the concern arises (if applicable), the information you are seeking, the preferred format in which to receive material, and your contact information.

ada request workplace accomodation

Workplace Accommodation Request Procedure

Applicable to all employees, including faculty and student employees.

For information, contact:

Office of Human Resources, Aubrey Murray ER Manager, 956-665-3813


Academic Accommodation Request Procedure

For students that need accommodation related to classes & student life.

For information, contact:

Student Accessibility Services, 956-882-7374 or 956-665-7005

campus accessibility discrimination complaint

Accessibility Discrimination Complaint Procedure

Applicable to anyone suspecting disability discrimination.

For information, contact:

Florence NocarChief Equal Opportunity & Title IX Officer, 956-665-2103

workplace injury

Workplace Injury Reporting Procedure

Applicable to anyone who witnesses an injury or needs to report an injury.

For information, contact:

Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management

campus accessibility service request

Campus Accessibility Service Request

Anyone can report a campus facility exterior or interior accessibility concern.

For information, contact:

Juan C. Ortiz, University Architect, 956-665-7472

electronic information resources

Electronic Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility Questions

UTRGV has an EIR committee that works together to develop accessibility guidelines, new tools, best practices, and provides resources to our UTRGV community. Committee members include representatives from HR, IT, Procurement, SAS, and others. The goal of the EIR committee is to improve accessibility to UTRGV’s web resources, online courses, and software.

For information, contact:

Aubrey Murray, EIR Accessibility Coordinator, 956-665-3813

Praying hand with an red exclamation small circle over a blue background

Request for Reasonable Religious Accommodations

Applicable to anyone.

For information, contact:

HRpartners@utrgv.edu for employment

dos@utrgv.edu for student