New Personal Transportation Device Policy

HOP ADM 10-904: Personal Transportation Riding Devices policy establishes requirements for the use of Personal Transportation Devices (PTD's) and designed to ensure a safe environment for pedestrians, reduce the risks of personal injury for pedestrian or device riders, and avoid damage to UTRGV facilities caused by inappropriate use.

PTD's are assistive devices that facilitate individual human transportation and include, but are not limited to, bicycles, roller skates, scooters, skateboards, Segways, hover boards, and unicycles.

One significant aspect of the policy will be the prohibition of the use of PTD's from all covered walkways, breezeways, and pedestrian bridges on all UTRGV campuses, and the requirement to "dismount" or "carry" the device across crosswalks or other potentially dangerous areas.

In addition, PTD's owned by a vendor and made available directly by the vendor to individuals, such as through-scooter-sharing systems for short term rentals, are prohibited in or on the property or facilities owned, leased, operated, or otherwise controlled by UTRGV unless the vendor1 has entered into a contract directly with UTRGV. These devices will be subject to immediate impound and an impound fee if the scooters are discovered anywhere on UTRGV controlled property.

This policy does not govern the use of PTD's used by individuals with disabilities.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Dr. Richard Costello, Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management, at 956-665-3690, or Chief Raul Munguia, University Police Department, at 956-882-7777.

1 UTRGV currently does not have a contract with an external vendor.