Risk Management and Insurance

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Risk Management and Insurance Program is charged with ensuring that policies are in place to minimize the frequency and severity of personnel and property losses. This program includes oversight of the institution’s Workers Compensation Insurance Program, the review of all institutional contracts to ensure proper insurance coverage, as well as the oversight of the insurance programs available to the campus community in order to protect their losses.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI) is specifically designed to provide medical benefits and, in some cases, financial payments to employees on the payroll of The University of Texas System who suffer injuries or occupational disease in the course and scope of employment. All personnel employed at the University are automatically enrolled in this program. See information regarding the WCI program at the following link: 


Insurance Policies

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance, on behalf of the University, is authorized to purchase property, liability and other non-benefit insurance for general and specific risks, based on an institutional assessment of the potential for losses and the cost to insure against a loss. They include Camp, Equipment, Special Event, Fine Arts, and Field Trip Insurance. Individual departments are responsible for purchasing the separate insurance policies. A description of the policies, and the process associated with acquiring the policy is included at this link:


If a specific insurance coverage is required for an activity, unit, or sponsored project, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance will work with the department to secure the needed insurance coverage.

Individual Departments will be directly charged for:

  • Any deductibles associated with certain specific types of insurable losses
  • Premiums for insurance policies purchased.

Departments must notify the Office of Risk Management within 24 hours of any injury or property damage occurrence. Departments are responsible for cooperating in the settlement of claims.

External Contractor Insurance Requirements

All vendors and contractors who work on the UTRGV campus are required to have the appropriate insurance in place to cover the risks associated with their respective activities. The type of insurance is dependent on the specific interaction with the campus community and can include accident, liability, and auto insurance. All contractors are required to have Texas Workers Compensation Insurance.

The insurance requirements are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by EHSRM.

EHSRM Program Manager

Celia Saenz

Celia Saenz
Claims and Insurance Analyst
EEHSB 1.111
(956) 665-2902