Research Facilities

Research FacilitiesBasic/Translational/Clinical Research Labs and Clinical Research Units

  • Luis V. Colom Biomedical Building (Brownsville, TX)
  • McAllen Biomedical Research Facilities (MBMRF in McAllen, TX)
  • Institute of Neuroscience (ION in Harlingen, TX; with CRU’s)
  • McAllen Academic Medical Center (in McAllen, TX, with CRU’s; available in 2024)

Core Facilities

  • Animal Care Facilities (EREBL, MBMRF and Luis Colom Biomedical Building)
  • Molecular Imaging Core Facility (MBMRF)
  • Biorepository Core Facility (MBMRF; a member of the UT System Health Biobank, UTSHB)
  • Proteomic Core Facility (MBMRF)