MEDI 9331 Scholarly Activities (Clinical Years)

Course Description:

The Scholarly Activity- Clinical Years elective is offered to third and fourth year students who are interested in applying the research knowledge and skills acquired in the pre-clinical and clinical curriculum and/or prior research settings to further explore a research interest/topic.

The goal of this course is to provide the opportunity for students to be immersed in a rich, mentored research environment and provide opportunities for them to fully engage in the research process. Students are required to identify the mentor and research setting before engaging in this elective. Students must submit a completed application no later than four weeks prior to the start date of the elective.

The application must include: a Study Plan and a Mentor Agreement endorsed by the research mentor. Visiting students must complete all required documentation and secure a Project Mentor eight weeks prior to start of course.

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Course Prerequisites:

Students must submit their completed application for this course at least eight weeks prior to the start of the course.

Course Timeframe:

AY 23-24

MEDI 9331 - 4 Week Course timeframe AY23-24
MEDI 9331 - 4 Week Course
Year 3 Students
Year 4 Students
Block Start Block End MEDI 9331 Application Due (8 weeks in advance) MEDI 9331 Final Report Due (Monday after Block ends
BLOCK 1A BLOCK 1 7/3/23 7/28/23 5/8/23 7/31/23
BLOCK 1B BLOCK 2 7/31/23 8/25/23 6/5/23 8/28/23
BLOCK 2A BLOCK 3 8/28/23 9/22/23 7/3/23 9/25/23
BLOCK 2B BLOCK 4 9/25/23 10/20/23 7/31/23 10/23/23
BLOCK 3A BLOCK 5 10/23/23 11/17/23 8/28/23 11/20/23
BLOCK 3B BLOCK 6 11/20/23 12/15/23 9/25/23 12/18/23
BLOCK 4A BLOCK 7 1/2/24 1/26/24 11/6/23 1/29/24
BLOCK 4B BLOCK 8 1/29/24 2/23/24 12/4/23 2/26/24
BLOCK 5A BLOCK 9 2/26/24 3/22/24 1/2/24 3/25/24
BLOCK 5B BLOCK 10 3/25/24 4/19/24 1/29/24 4/22/24
BLOCK 6A - 4/22/24 5/17/24 2/26/24 5/20/24
BLOCK 6B - 5/20/24 6/14/24 3/25/24 6/17/24

Course Grading:

This is a Pass/Fail course. In order to pass, each student must have satisfied the below deliverables before the end of the course. Specific Due Dates are provided in the table above:

  • Report on your Research Project. This can be either:
    • A minimum 3-Page write-up describing the research project. Ideally, this write-up will include an Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion
    • A scientific poster of the project. Poster should be 36” tall and 48” wide.
  • Presentation of your data in the form of a poster, formal presentation, informal presentation (i.e. lab meeting) or seminar presentation.
  • Attendance Verification. You are expected to attend all scheduled activities as agreed with your mentor. The mentor will sign an attestation as part of your final grade.

Course Application Package:

In order to apply for the MEDI 9331 Course, a complete application must be submitted by the above due Dates. A complete application consists of the following:

  • Student Application Form: Adequate description of the proposed research project, including confirmation that proper training and approvals have already been established
  • Mentor Agreement Form: Approval from a UTRGV Faculty Mentor that the project will be completed under their supervision


Questions about MEDI 9331 and the UTRGV School of Medicine Scholarly Activities should be directed to the co-course directors:

Dr. Kelsey Baker

Dr. Ney Alliey-Rodriguez

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