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Operations Frequently Asked Questions

Salary Administration

  • Have all onboarding documents been submitted for UTRGV. If yes, has your department submitted the PAF/ePAF/Stipend?
  • If all is done, your PAF or ePAF is being processed in the order they were received.

Depending on the type of assignment and if the employee is in PeopleSoft they will be paid on the next Hourly or Salary payroll

  • Have you done all Onboarding?
  • I-9, online, and presented documents to HR
  • CBC
  • Bio packet/onboarding packet 
  • Assistantships and Part-time Lectures get paid based on the amounts provided by the department
  • Fulltime Faculty get paid based on the Salary spread election.
  • Fulltime Staff (Job code, MRS) Annual/12=monthly rate, monthly rate/hours in the month*hours worked

The training for the old PAF system (Faculty and Assistantships) is handled by the Provost's office.

  • An employee was working with HR from 9/1/15 - 12/31/15 -- this information would go under the Current Employee Information.
  • The same employee starts working with LD from 1/1/16 - 8/31/16 -- this information would go under The New Proposed Information for Employee.
  • No, the employee can only start working until the PAF is approved by everyone in the workflow.
If you plan to hire a workstudy you must submit the required paperwork with Financial Aid office, you don’t have to submit a PAF since the Financial Aid office will do this for you.
No, the correct form to submit to update a supervisor is the CPOS form (Change in Position form).
No, the correct form to submit to change an employee funding is the CFS (Change in Funding Form).


If the only change to an employee’s information is the supervisor and/or location (building and/or office number), complete a Location/Supervisor form located on the ePAF system. This form is a shorter version of the CPAF and does not require additional information.

  • Employees can update their addresses by logging into PeopleSoft. Simply under the Main Menu click on UTRGV Employee Self Service – Update Functions – Personal Information – under Main Address click on the Update button. “Enter a new address if you have moved” is automatically defaulted click on next, you can now type your new address and click on next and save.
  • Employees can also email The Office of Human Resources at the email should include Employee's full name along with the employee identification number. The employee will need to provide the full address (street, city, state, and zip). Once HR updates an email will be sent to the employee that the update has been completed.

Current or former Employees can request an employment verification letter by submitting an Employment Verification request electronically. Once you complete the Employment Verification Request - DocuSign it will be sent to our Records team automatically. The standard letter that the office of Human Resources provides contains the following information: University Name & Logo, Name of individual, Dates of employment, salary information, and Title. Individuals may also request to include additional information they may need. Individuals may also inform us of information they wish to exclude from the standard letters. A completed letter will be forwarded back by email as a PDF attachment.

Employment Verification forms are done by The Work Number. Here is our link to The Work Number, employees can access their employment data or verifiers can request employment verification information by using The Work Number.

For any questions or concerns please contact us at or call us at (956) 665-2553 or (956) 882-7827.

Active employees can request to update or correct their names. Human Resources will need a copy of the social security card that shows your name to be updated. The request for a name change must be submitted to PeopleSoft. Log in to and click on the PeopleSoft icon. Once logged in to PeopleSoft, go to Employee Self Service under the Personal Details tile and click on “Name”, you will be prompted to your current name, click on your name, and make the update based on your social security card and attach a copy of your social security card. If you prefer to provide a copy of your social security card in person you can visit us at your closest Human Resources office location.


This can be done by contacting the Delta Dental customer service number at 1-800-893-3582 or registering for online services at the Delta Dental website at

Please refer to the links below for the FMLA application and the Sick Leave Pool application and certification.

FMLA Request Form

Sick Leave Pool Application

Sick Leave Pool Health Care Certification

This can be done by contacting the Superior Vision customer service number at 1-800-507-3800 or registering for online services at the Superior Vision website at

Ways to log in to UTRetirement Manager (UTRM). If you have registered with UTRM before, you can log in directly using your existing credentials, you can log in through:

My UT Benefits via Single Sign On

UT Retirement Program - Enroll

My Retirement Manager

You would need to stop by the Human Resources office to complete the required form and we will need a copy of the birth certificate or verification of birth facts form. The changes need to be made within 31 days of when the life event happened.

You would need to stop by the Human Resources office to complete the required form and we will need a copy of the marriage certificate. The changes need to be made within 31 days of when the life event happened.

Immigration Services

Employee: You will need to contact your Department Chair, Department Director, Supervisor, or Manager and advise them that employment sponsorship is needed.

Employer: You will need to contact the Human Resources Immigration Services Manager to obtain an Immigration Services Packet (IS Packet). Please do send him an email and he will give you the instructions. Questions requiring immediate attention may be emailed to the Immigration Services Manager.

Internal (HR) processing can take anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processing can take anywhere up to 8 months upon acceptance for processing by a USCIS certifying officer.

The total processing time frame is case specific and if specific information is required, they will need to contact the Immigration Services Manager.

This depends on the current visa status the individual holds and the status of the petition pending adjudication; this is case specific and will require the individual to contact the department head and/or the Immigration Services Manager.

NO, H-1B visas are employer-specific, and therefore sponsorship “change of employer petition” will be required for employment at UTRGV.

H-1B visa petition must be received by USCIS before the beneficiary can begin working with UTRGV.

  1. USCIS Petition Filing fee: $320.00 - required
  2. Department of Homeland Security Anti Fraud Fee: $500.00 - required for initial petitions only (IS Manager will advise)
  3. Premium Processing Fee: $1,225.00 - optional fee to expedite a petition
  4. I-539 Dependent Petition: $290.00 - optional fee for dependent filing (all family inclusive)

***fees are subject to change without notice at USCIS discretion

An I-539 Application will need to be filed for all dependents and HR will process the petition.

Does not need to be supplied along with the I-129 petition; can be submitted at a later time but is recommended if being expedited.

You will need to contact the HR IS Manager for the required documents and processing timeframe.

Fee: $290.00 - fee is inclusive of the spouse and all dependents if more than one apply. The beneficiary is responsible for this fee.

H classification visa can be granted for up to six years in total.

Employers may petition for up to a 3 year period at a time.

The sponsorship period is determined by employing department and not the beneficiary.

You will need to contact your department head about sponsorship for renewal.

You will also need to contact the HR Immigration Services Manager via email at least 8 months prior to the expiration date of your current visa.