Supervisor Resources for Effective On-Boarding

Congratulations on the hiring of your new employee!

As a UTRGV supervisor, you play an essential role in new employee acquisition, development, and retention. The onboarding process begins at the moment the employee accepts the position and is critical throughout the first year of employment. Comprehensive onboarding ensures a successful transition to a new position and accelerates new employee productivity; as well as provides awareness of policies, processes, organizational culture, expectations, and day-to-day responsibilities.

The resources provided below support successful onboarding. Although your approach will vary depending on whether your new employee is new to your department or completely new to UTRGV, your goal as supervisor should remain the same — to reinforce the reasons your new employee chose to work for UTRGV. Exemplify the VAQUEROS Culture of Service Excellence values in your efforts as you organize, implement, and communicate with your new hire.

Supervisor's New Employee Guide

Department Onboarding Checklist

Template Welcome/Introduction Email to the Team

Check-In Questions

Goal Setting Guide

Let’s celebrate and appreciate the value of UTRGV employees from their first day of employment!

What is On-Boarding and why is it so important?

Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into the workplace and its culture and providing the knowledge and tools for them to achieve success early on in their new jobs. It is the bridge between selection and productivity, encompassing activities from pre-arrival through the end of the first year.

A comprehensive and successful onboarding process fosters positive working relationships that help new employees to gain confidence and become productive quickly. It improves overall engagement, performance, and retention. As a supervisor, onboarding is your opportunity to set goals and expectations, train and develop, and introduce your new employees to the people and resources that will play a role in performing their jobs effectively and advancing their careers.

You can view onboarding as a partnership between you, your new employee, the Office of Human Resources, and campus subject matter experts. The goal of this partnership is to establish the foundation for an effective long-term working relationship between the employee and UTRGV.

Our office is available to support you in the onboarding process. Please find a list of our HR staff here. Please contact our Employee On-Boarding and Engagement Coordinator if you need support throughout the process.

Training sessions on successful onboarding are offered on a regular basis. Take a look at our training portal to find your next available session.

Employee On-Boarding Articles and other Helpful Resources:

New Employee Orientation

Onboarding is sometimes confused with orientation. Onboarding is an ongoing process of establishing the employee within the organization, while orientation is only part of the onboarding process and is a one-time event.

It is during New Employee Orientation (NEO) that new employees are introduced to UTRGV's culture, mission, vision, and values. Administrative, generic information about processes and the University is accounted for in NEO. To present department-specific and job-specific information is your responsibility as a supervisor. The following departments are currently presenting information to new hires during NEO:

  • Office of Human Resources Organizational Development & Training
  • Office of Human Resources Employee Benefits
  • Information Technology
  • Information Security
  • Institutional Compliance
  • Office of Institutional Equity
  • Environmental Health & Safety

The Office of Human Resources will schedule your new employee to attend NEO.

If you have any questions regarding NEO or the onboarding process at UTRGV, please reach out to

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