Railyard Worker Safety through innovative Mobile Active Train Detection and Risk Localization

University  University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)
Principal Investigators  Dr. Hamid Sharif, Ph.D., Telecommunication and Computer Engineering (PI)
Dr. Michael Hempel, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor (Co-PI)
PI Contact Information  PKI 200C
Lincoln, NE 68583-0851
Office (402) 554-3628
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)  UTCRS (US DOT UTC Program): $109, 952
Union Pacific Railroad: $100,000
Advanced TEL Lab: $77,465
Total Project Cost  $287,417
Agency ID or Contract Number  DTRT13-G-UTC59
Start and End Dates July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018
Brief Description of Research Project  This project aimed at improving the safety of railyard workers by increasing overall situational awareness. To accomplish this we research sensing technologies that can be used to detect objects, classify them, and localize them. Once localized, proximity of dangerous objects to railyard workers can be detected and alerts can be triggered. This project explored the use of vision-based systems as well as Software-Defined RADAR, in combination with each other, to provide observations reliably under a wide range of weather conditions. We conducted a large number of field tests using Software Defined RADAR at the Union Pacific Yard which the results have shown the tremendous potential in this approach. We also developed several signal processing approaches as part of the project effort. We look forward to further exploring this application, as well as other related applications for this technology. We would like to thank Union Pacific for all their assistance with this project.
Keywords train approach detection, railyard worker safety, warning system, multi-sensory, wearable, wireless body area sensor networks, wireless integration
Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes (or why not implemented) Place Any Photos Here See Report.
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation (actual, not anticipated) See Report.
Report http://www.utrgv.edu/railwaysafety/_files/documents/research/operations/utcrs_sharif_railyard-worker-safety_final-report.pdf
Project Website http://www.utrgv.edu/railwaysafety/research/operations/railyard-worker-safety-mobile-active-train-detection/index.htm