Overview of Outreach Services

Below is a brief description of each of the initiatives coordinated by the P-16 Outreach Department.

Abriendo Caminos: Living, Learning, Community (LLC)

Abriendo Caminos Living Learning Community (ACLLC) is an initiative of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) since 2009, with an aim to serve migrant seasonal farm worker students and Texas Senate Bill students in a residential based scholarship program. Each year the P-16 Outreach office receives a total of $170,000 in scholarship money from UTRGV Financial Services, to award 29 eligible applicants.  The ACLLC is specifically designed to meet student’s needs during their first two years of college, both in and out of the classroom. Students share floors in the residence halls and attend classes together and ultimately, study together. The program provides a true college life experience, exposure to university related activities, community engagement and academic support.

Father-Son Project (FSP)

The Father-Son Project (FSP) is focused on improving the father-son dynamic, offering participants the opportunity to strengthen their father/son bond and to engage in activities to boost self-esteem and shared learning. The Father-Son Project targets males in the seventh or eighth grade level and their fathers.  FSP encourages and supports the completion of high school as well as the pursuit of higher education specifically with an interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). FSP provides monthly meetings with collegiate mentors, as well as bi-monthly evening sessions with fathers, and special events. FSP focuses on two essential components: Character Development and Leadership - while addressing the areas of Academic Enrichment, Career Exploration, Cultural Diversity, Community Outreach, and Social Development.

Generation Texas Movement

Generation Texas (GENTX) is an initiative developed and supported by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  The mission of the movement is to inspire Texas students to believe that college or career education is attainable and relevant to their lives as well as remind them that their state is behind them 100%.  The movement brings together resources (school partners, community leaders, etc) and clarifies the actions students need to take to pursue education beyond high school, connecting them to the right information and offering support at every step in the process. It galvanizes Texas communities to support the next generation and empowers students to generate a new future for themselves, their families, and all Texans.  The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) P-16 Outreach, has embraced this movement and through both inspiration and information prepares students of the Rio Grande Valley for their future! There is currently no funding source for this initiative, but it is integrated into all P-16 Outreach activities and programming, as we believe that these generations of students are the future of our state and beyond!

Migrant University Summer Experience (MUSE)

 The Migrant University Summer Experience (MUSE) program is a six week summer enrichment program for migrant high school juniors and seniors from across the Rio Grande Valley (freshmen and sophomores are eligible upon the discretion of the school district).  The P-16 Outreach office partners with the Migrant Programs from Valley high Schools to implement this residential and academic advancement opportunity to valley students.  During summer 2016, 13 districts with 24 schools and a total of 159 participants, were included in the partnership (and varies based on school participation).  During this summer program students gain a university experience, while earning either two high school credits, or 6 college credit hours.  Students also receive on-campus housing (residential camp), a student ID that provides them access to select facilities on campus as well as a meal plan at the university café.   During their stay students are placed in internships throughout the university and also participate in a Texas Universities Tour before the close of the program.

Mother-Daughter Program (MDP)

Mother-Daughter Program (MDP) is an initiative that is focused on improving the mother/daughter relationship and offering participants the opportunity to explore their cultural identity in an effort to boost self-esteem and the level of confidence for both mothers and daughters. The Mother-Daughter Program targets females currently in the seventh or eighth grade level and their mothers, which encourages and supports the completion of high school as well as the pursuit of higher education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). MDP provides monthly workshops, seminars, and meetings, including school based sessions, evening based sessions, and special events. It focuses on two essential components: Personal Growth and Leadership Development - while addressing the areas of Academic Enrichment, Career Exploration, Cultural Diversity, Community Outreach, and Social Development. Funding for MDP comes from local school partners.

The program also hosts Girls Adventuring in Math, Engineering, and Science (GAMES) summer camp. A summer initiative to give students the opportunity to explore exciting engineering and scientific fields through: demonstrations, classroom presentations, hands-on activities, and contact with women professionals in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) fields during the summer. Students live on campus for one week and gain a college life experience.

Summer Camps & Conferences

P-16 Summer Camps & Conferences, include a variety of services provided to school and community partners as well as grant funded projects.  Primarily the P-16 Outreach office, coordinates, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based summer camps for school partners.  Each summer 2 STEM camps are hosted for South Texas Independent School District.  Additionally, P-16 hosts an overnight Girls CAN Stem camp for United ISD from Laredo and hosts the IDRA Conference in collaboration with La Joya ISD.  P-16 also writes a proposal to the Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp (EMBHSSC) foundation each year for an opportunity to host a nationally recognized 2 week residential summer camp at UTRGV.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), Work-Study Mentorship Program (Collegiate G-Force Mentors)

Go Centers and Collegiate G-Force (CGF) Mentors offer mentoring, educational support and training services to Rio Grande Valley (RGV) High Schools and the general community. The THECB FY 2015-2017 Work-Study Mentorship Program grant, one of the largest awards in the state. The THECB program goal is to assist in generating a college-going culture among high school students and provide financial support needed to be successful in post-secondary education.  Funds are used to provide wages to college students employed on a part-time basis as part of the Collegiate G-Force Mentorship Program. We have established MOUs with local school districts to house UTRGV students in the Go Centers at approximately 27 sites to promote Generation Texas and to provide support to high school students in the areas of admissions, financial aid, testing, and other post-secondary access related topics.