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Why recruit at UTRGV? It's simple. Our students achieve the highest levels of intellectual and personal development and go on to become collaborative, creative, innovative, and transformative leaders. With over 32,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and an ever-growing alumni network, UTRGV is the place to find your next exceptional employee. 


Handshake makes posting your position easy...and it's free!

Handshake is UTRGV’s source for job postings, on-campus interviews, recruiting events, career-related workshops and resources, networking, and managing job searches. You can post full-time, part-time, internship, co-op and experiential learning opportunities. 

To list your position in Handshake, visit this helpful how-to article. Once you enter the information for your position, the status of your posting will remain pending until reviewed by a staff member. For more information, please email

The Handshake Help Center offers numerous step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics. Get support for:

If you have any issues with your Handshake account setup, you can create a support ticket.

Job Listings

Job listings posted in Handshake are reviewed by Career Center staff. The Career Center reserves the right to deny or edit a job listing if the position does not meet standard recruitment policies. 

Before posting experiential learning opportunities such as internships or co-ops, please review our Internship Listing Agreement. Should you have any questions regarding your posting, please email

  • The information provided by the employer is insufficient, incomplete, or unverifiable
  • The position is posted by a third party (refer to Third-Party/Staffing Agencies section of Recruitment Policy)
  • The full-time/part-time jobs or internships do not provide transferable skills related to a degree or field
  • The position is sponsored by individuals or organizations to set up the student’s own business for the purpose of selling products or services, and/or the recruiting of other individuals to set up their own businesses
  • Postings whose application processes ask students to use their social media profiles or release information associated with their social media profiles (e.g. number of friends on Facebook, number of followers on Twitter)
  • The position is compensated in the form of straight commission, fees from others under their sponsorship in the organization, and/or a percentage of sales generated by others
  • The position involves on-campus solicitation or on-campus sales. Solicitation of any kind is prohibited by The UT Systems Board of Regents Rules. “Solicitation” includes selling, marketing, or promoting outside products or services on the campus
  • The organization requires an initial payment or investment, or account balance, or similar fiscal requirements with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation. Investments may include, but are not limited to: requirement to attend unpaid orientation or training sessions; direct payment of a fixed fee; payment to attend orientation or training sessions; and/or purchase, rent, or place a deposit on a starter kit, sales kit, samples, or presentation supplies
  • Housing is the sole form of compensation offered in exchange for work
  • The work assignment interferes with or negatively affects the academic progress of the student, or requires or encourages a student to discontinue his/her academic program of study
  • The position is of a nature that is not appropriate for the student body or that has previously not been in compliance with the office’s rules, policies or procedures


Other positions that fall under the service industry, and that are not considered professional, student, or post-graduate employment opportunities (i.e. babysitting, caregiver, nanny, landscaping, bartender, housekeeper, etc.) will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis depending upon the type of position and requirements expected.

The Career Center does not provide background checks on students and does not set any conditions of qualifications of the candidates. We recommend due diligence in screening and onboarding new hires.