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UTRGV Career Center Strategic Plan: 2022-2025

This is a living 3-year strategic plan, which will be revisited each year to adjust goals and activities accordingly.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower students to discover purpose, explore passion and interest, and support the execution of career related goals.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design a career ecosystem that provides support and empowers students and alumni to connect academic experiences and experiential learning opportunities to desirable career journeys and life paths.

Core Values

  • Student Focused: We affirm that students are the center of our mission, and this guides how we serve and support their success.
  • Empowerment: We believe that every student should have permission to dream, spaces to seek and be empowered to do
  • Authenticity: We commit to cultivating a space for all students to freely express themselves in their career discovery journey
  • Collaboration: We dedicate our work to establishing and educating students on the importance of building community, partnerships, and ideation.
  • Education: We commit to educating all students by providing access to experiential learning and purpose driven opportunities.

In Support of Our Vision and Mission, We Commit to the Following

  1. Embedding Career Development into the Campus Culture.
  2. Executing a Comprehensive & Holistic Delivery of Career Experiences and Education.
  3. Gathering Robust & Pertinent Data That Communicates Strategy and Impactful Stories.
  4. Foster High Impact Experiential Learning, Mentoring & Employment Opportunities.
  5. Establish A New Brand Identity & Impactful Communication Strategy.

Strategic Priorities

  • Measure and assess current partnerships & engagement on campus and beyond.
  • Create a Career Influencer program to scale and embed career development across campus.
  • Partner with academic departments to provide opportunities for career exploration and competency development.
  • Focus on early engagement: introduce career development education into the first- and second-year experience.
  • Redefine and expand current liaison models to ensure efficient connection with campus partners (including student groups) on career initiatives.
  • Increase campus awareness of NACE Competencies to students, staff, and faculty by connecting them to current programs, activities, and content.
  • Explore and develop career readiness programming and pathways tailored to incorporate the life cycle of all students.
  • Incorporate virtual platforms and harness technology to provide student/alumni access to career readiness programs and development.
  • Leverage First Destination/Embark Surveys and internal survey modules to communicate service deliverables to students and alumni.
  • Identify data points to articulate the impact of the Career Center’s employer and community partnerships.
  • Capture student and alumni career impact and success stories.
  • Cultivate a culture of sharing data to academic and campus partners and emerging as a strategic and data driven contributor.
  • Recruit employers that support and engage in experiential learning, including mentoring and internships.
  • Create new and foster current employer partnerships that align with the department and university vision and mission.
  • Strategically seek out employer partnerships with an affinity for first generation, underrepresented, marginalized, and economically disadvantaged student populations.
  • Cultivate employer partnerships that contribute to scalable career discovery and engagement.
  • Reimagine a new and welcoming space for students and the UTRGV community to consistently reflect career development.
  • Adopt a new visual identity including a new, pertinent department name that reflects the updated mission and vision.
  • Update the department website to become more user-friendly and provide easier access to content and relevant, and audience specific resources.
  • Ensure a consistent social media presence that provides meaningful and engaging content.