The phrase “data-driven” has been used increasingly frequently in recent years across universities. However, data-driven is not just a buzzword for us at UTRGV Career Center. Being data-driven revolves around decisions being shaped by information and evidence rather than hunches, gut feelings, and guesswork.

The data must be flexible enough to accommodate a quickly-changing job market for students and employers. The Career Center empowers students to have more access to data related to job market information while also establishing clear trends using an array of different assessment tools. The goal is to answer where our students are finding employment and the salary trends to make a choice that best fits their success.

Every university collects, manages, and uses at least some kind of data. This is true for the UTRGV Career Center. We will align our data with our core competencies and connect valuable data and share the data with our strategic partners going forward. From undergraduates to alumni, our Vaquero success stories are connected endlessly.

If it is, which one is more important? I can tell you the differences if it helps; Information is some objective metric about something, while data is a collection of subjectively gathered Information. Still confused? Both are important or a combination of both because we have no information to tell our story if we don't have data.

The best output of Information starts with data integrity as the core competency of any beginning story, as to the accuracy, data quality and consistency are a must.

  • Completeness of data (partial vs completed)  
  • Reliability ( source & range)
  • Timeline ( Up to date) 
  • Consistency ( Format )     

FDS 2021