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A Community Outreach (School request) form, please submit the Off-Campus Presentation Request Form one week in advance. Please note it must be approved and confirmed 3 days before the event date.

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Career Center provides presentations on specific topics relating to the career development process. These presentations are tailored for students, faculty, and staff. To request a presentation, please submit the Presentation Request Form one week in advance. Please note presentations are approximately 1 hour.

Presentation Topics

As you go through your college journey it is important to foster relationships with those around you as it matters sometimes when job searching who you know. In this presentation students will develop an understanding of social capital and why it is important to start working on it earlier as opposed to later during their college experience.

Often when looking for experiences in improving your professional skills there is a thought which experiences are important and should be sought after. During this presentation their will be a discussion of the various experiences which students can obtain throughout their college experiences and how to put them into practice when trying to advance professionally.

Often a resume is thought of only when looking for a job. Through this presentation students will be able to understand the instances in which having an updated resume is important. Furthermore, tackling the issue of what goes into the resume and what is best kept off the resume.

Making the transition from college student to professional is stressful, obtain the secret on how to make the smoothest move you can and come out ahead. In this presentation we will discuss the dos and don’ts of entering the workforce.

From lunch interviews to potential planning of meeting with potential clients obtain advice on how to get through those formal receptions and dinners. Common mistakes often made are reviewed as well as information on how to get through them.

This workshop is ideal for students who want to learn about the Career Center, including our services, programs, events, and resources. Learn how the Career Center can help students explore career opportunities during and after college and become the best possible marketable job candidate.

What does your ideal career look like? Everyone at some point feels stressed. There are too many ideas, to many options and it can leave a person feeling exhausted just thinking about it all. Bring clarity to your job search with this simple and free mind mapping exercise.

Find out what type of decision maker you are as we go over different decision-making styles. In this presentation, you will also learn about what factors are influencing you to make decisions about your career.

Do you freeze up at the prospect of going to a job interview? Do your hands get sweaty? Your stomach in a knot? It's a fact that better interviews get better job offers! Yet most candidates show up for interviews unprepared. Learn the secrets of how to better prepare. Attendees learn responses to tough interview questions, tips to maintain a proper attitude, and appropriate follow-up strategies to get more offers.

Discover the power of hands-on education with experiential learning, designed to bridge the gap between classroom theory and practical application as you explore your career. Geared towards students hungry for real-world insights, this presentation offers a unique opportunity to delve into the heart of experiential learning.