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A micro-internship is a short-term project that is easy to explain and requires no on-boarding, and can be executed by college students or recent graduates. These projects are typically low risk, but important tasks that are due within a week to a month with fixed prices set by you.

How does a Micro-Internship work?

Micro-internships follow a simple process: Post your project to the UTRGV Parker Dewey website, select the applicants you want, and Parker Dewey will handle the rest.

UTRGV has partnered with Parker Dewey to connect employers with students for short-term, professional, paid work experiences. Regardless of your role, industry, or organization size, students and alumni from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley can help. Get started in posting your first micro-internship.

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Project Examples

Project examples include generating reports for real-time insights into accounts receivable aging, compiling financial reporting, client account review, evaluating performance data, reviewing contract summaries, and more.

Project examples include conducting assessments, list crunching, generating leads, data clean-up, identifying potential strategic partners for a company based on specific criteria, and more.

Projects examples include creating tailored business plans, developing technical documentation and presentations, regulatory research, analyzing documents (e.g., contracts or other public documents), SWOT analysis, conducting market research, extracting data, and more.

Project examples include creating captivating presentations, analyzing website SEO performance, conducting case studies, producing visually stunning marketing materials, email marketing campaign development, content creation, and more.

Project examples include grant writing, editorial assistance or book editing, community relations, updating user manuals, analyzing SKU data, and more.

Project examples include website design development, website updates, gather data on emerging security vulnerabilities, software testing, application security review, user experience testing, and more.