Time and Effort (T&E) Certification

The Office of Grants & Contracts (G&C) is responsible for facilitating Time and Effort Certification or Effort Reporting for all sponsored projects.  This process is mandated by the federal government.  The staff is here to assist the campus community with Training and Time and Effort Certification to ensure compliance with federal requirements and university policies and procedures.

The UTRGV Time and Effort Certification Training is provided in Blackboard through myutrgv.edu.  Training will occur at least once every two years or more frequently if determined by the requirements of sponsoring agencies.  Completion of this training will be required for all:  Supporting Individuals (SIs), Primary Individuals (PIs), Department Effort Coordinators (Dept. EC’s), and New PIs receiving an award before an account is setup.  In addition to this training, we have the Reference Guides with step by step information on how to certify effort on the University’s online Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) system and are listed under the “Resources” section below.

The ECRT system is a web-based system designed to help you comply with institutional time and effort certification policies, federal policy, Uniform Guidance 2 C.F. R. 200.430 Compensation-personal services, NIH Salary Limitation on Grants, and other relevant agency policies.   The Primary Individuals (PI’s) are required to certify their own effort and the effort of their Supporting Individuals (except PIs) who have expended effort on their Sponsored Project(s) every semester within the 30 days certification period.