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Training and Certification

The Center for Online Learning & Teaching Technology offers a variety of trainings and certifications to assist faculty in acquiring the necessary skills to teach online. This includes our required Quality Matters workshop and Blackboard Learn trainings.

Teaching Online Certification (Quality Matters)

Faculty members who wish to teach an online, hybrid, or web-augmented course must be certified to teach distance education courses. At UTRGV, this certification consists of the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop. (APPQMR)

Teaching Online Certification Offerings
Title Offered by Duration Cost
Quality Matters Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology (COLTT) 2-week online or 8-hours face-to-face Covered by COLTT

The Faculty Certification is valid for a three-year period. After the third year, faculty must be recertified based on the current edition of the Quality Matters Rubric.

Faculty who are not certified but currently teaching hybrid or online courses shall complete the certification process during the next immediate certification session available.

Note: If a faculty member already has a QM Rubric certification from another university, he/she is exempt from completing the certification mentioned above. If faculty possess another distance education certification, he/she must provide documentation to be evaluated by the Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology.

Blackboard Training

Additional training sessions are available to all UTRGV faculty who are interested in learning more about Blackboard, and how they can implement it in their courses.

Blackboard Training Offerings
Title Offered by Duration Cost
Blackboard Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology (COLTT) 4-hours face-to-face None

Faculty members who teach distance education courses are responsible for acquiring the skills necessary to effectively design, develop, and deliver course-related material, and to engage students in the course on a regular basis.

For more information on these trainings, please visit our Faculty Training website for a complete list of trainings that we offer or register to any of the available trainings at

If you need to request a special training session for a group of faculty or staff, please submit a Faculty Help Request.