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The UTRGV Online Framework

The UTRGV Online Framework provides you with the foundational pieces for creating a great online course. The Framework outlines the essential steps for designing, building, and teaching a successful online course and provides the resources needed to make it happen.

This Framework includes a Blackboard Learn template that comes pre-loaded with standard course documents, such as student accessibility service statements and other student resources. The template was designed to incorporate Quality MattersTM standards and is simply a foundational shell in the Blackboard Learn Management system upon which you can build. The UTRGV Online Framework, however, guides you to design, build, and then teach a course created specifically for the online environment. The framework is arranged sequentially to help guide your thought processes and pedagogical approach, resulting in a course that has been well-designed and is ready for teaching and learning.

When we create in digital format, we create something that can be used, re-used in multiple mediums, archived, reconfigured, and recombined with other digital assets. The online environment is dynamic and collaborative. To facilitate creative activities, foundational pieces have been provided so that you don’t have to recreate standard items each time you teach. The consistency of design and delivery are essential for a good student experience and also for creating an environment where ideas can be shared and creativity can grow. Packed full of design strategy, a course template, how-to's, and best practices, the UTRGV Online Framework is a powerful ally for course designers and instructors alike.


Design your course efficiently and effectively using tried and true instructional design concepts specifically tailored to the online learning environment.


Build your course faster and easier using the UTRGV Online Framework course shell for Blackboard Learn. Access a vast array of how-to's and best practices to develop high-quality media and create engaging course content.


Dive into the pedagogy of online learning and teaching, with resources that help you consider presence, interaction, and effective communication in the online classroom.